Spring Retreat 2018

March 15, 2018

This Spring, we were fortunate enough to spend our retreat in Grand Isle. Thanks to our amazing VP Membership, Maddi Weaver, we spent the weekend bathing and bonding in the sunshine! 


After a full week and a successful Hera Day tabling event, us AXOs were in need of some sister time. On March 2nd, we climbed in our assigned cars and drove to the deep South of Louisiana. Only the drivers were informed on where we were headed, leaving the rest of to our imaginations.  


A cabin in the woods? 

Sandy beaches on the Flori-bama shore?  

Camping under the stars? 

After all, our packing lists were general with the one hint of a swimsuit (concluding there had to be water of some sort, unless a water balloon fight was in store) 


As the road became narrow and homes steeped on stilts, we arrived at our destination. Adorned with a Mona Lisa painting inside and ghost stories of the Oyster Man, our quaint house very quickly became a home away from home. Laughter filled the room as sisters watched "50 First Dates" from the living room, while other sisters swung on the porch swing. There was no mistaking what this trip was for, seeing as everyone was decked head to toe in their Alpha Chi gear. After a few night strolls on the beach, everyone headed to their bunks, dreaming of what was in store for the next day. 


Morning light shone through the screen door and sisters slumped their bed heads to the breakfast table. We feasted on Honey Bunches of Oats and got ready for our first activity. Wrapped in blankets and hugging each other for warmth, we talked, laughed, and cried through the bonding activities of honesty. Slippers turned to flip flops and soon the grass below was covered in rainbow dye as we decorated our Retreat shirts. 


As Nicki Minaj would say, 

Let's go to the beach, each, 
let's go get away 

The afternoon was lazy with sun, sand, and sisters, stretched out on what felt like our own private world. After hours of soaking up the sun, the day continued with more bonding activities and games. Our dinner was fit for a queen: chicken nuggets and tater tots (a sorority girl staple). The evening ended with a game of acknowledging our love for each sister and her importance in our lives. 


Sunday morning came to quick; in the blink of an eye our Grand Isle-Get-Away was clean and all too quiet as cars took the narrow roads back home. Retreat was everything we needed and more. We're so thankful to have sisters to lean on and spend our weekends with. LITB

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