Self Love

June 15, 2018

Welcome to 2018 where everyone and their mom is tweeting and posting about self love and preaching about the importance of positivity and happy-flappy shenanigans. But the truth is, you really have to practice what you preach. So, this self love post is not going to be a typical B.S. article about giving yourself a hug every morning and writing cute messages on your mirror to encourage confidence. Because that did NOT work for me


 Everyone has their insecurities when it comes to their physical appearance and perhaps personalities too. For example, sometimes I over-analyze every single thing in my life-- that is something I am still insecure about to this day.


Acceptance is a detrimental step in this whole self love process. So, I accepted the fact that I tend to overthink pretty much any simple concept and turn it into a whole production, and, yes, I am extremely aware that I am beyond dramatic.


But after you have accepted what you so believe is a flaw, which probably is not, and you still feel that trait bothers you--work on that trait. Better yourself every day and be the person you want to become.


That is the beauty of this life! We have the power to better ourselves and we get a lifetime to do it. Every morning you should wake up and expect a good day and create a mindset that keeps you in a positive aura. Waking up and choosing to be happy sounds like a load of crap but it typically works, unless the world is somehow out to get you (and if that’s the case you’re screwed).


The biggest factor for me was realizing that I need to NOT compare myself to every stunning and perfect-bodied instagram model that crosses my explore page. Comparison is not the enemy, the mindset of jealousy and belief that you are in adequate because you do not mean that standard is the devil of them all. But, I’m not perfect, so jealousy feed, if you will, is something that I still let get to me even today.


There is always going to be someone that you think is prettier than you, skinnier than you, curvier than you, kinder than you, but that mindset HAS TO STOP HERE. You are not them, you will never be them, and you shouldn’t want to be them. You have been given this life for a reason, not than I can tell you what reason that is so I’m sorry if that’s why you were reading this and are now disappointed.


BUT, you’re here and you are YOU and that is something that no one can take away from you. Kinda cool, right? So look in the mirror--you’re so unique in this world, unless you’re a twin...yikes. But in all seriousness, you are beautiful, you are special, and you are loved. That should be something you should give yourself a damn hug for.


So have a spa day, drink your water, do a face mask, moisturize yourself, and treat yourself like a queen because that is what you are! You are not comparable to another individual, why would you want to be?


This one is a special shoutout for my Alpha Chi ladies--thank you. You have taught me how important individuality is and how we each bring something to our sisterhood that no one else can. We are beautiful and we are real strong women.


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