Recruitment: DON'T PANIC!

June 22, 2019

Going through Panhellenic Recruitment can be a little nervewrecking. Well, darling, we are here to alleviate some worry for ya! 


We all felt it, the questions we didn't have the answers to, the wondering how the whole process works, how to know when you've found your place in greek life. Our sisters came together to compile a list of questions we ourselves asked when going through recruitment. We hope that some of these answers will help you stress less! 


Q: What do I wear? 

A: Well my good friend, our recruitment consists of three days. The first day is philanthropy, which you will be given a LOYNO Panhel shirt for this first day that you will wear, our lovely Panhel board will also give you some ideas of what to wear with it at the info meeting. The second day is sisterhood which you will wear a more casual cute outfit. The final day is preference round which is when you're going to pull out your more formal attire, ie. a dress and nice heels or flats, whatever you are comfortable in. But DO NOT stress about the clothing, the Panhel board will give you more details and pictured examples on what to wear when the time comes near! 


Q: How much of a time commitment goes into being in a sorority?

A: This depends on how involved you really want to be! If you're looking to be on our Exec. Board, like me - VP PR & Marketing, then there is a bit more time commitment that comes with it. Totally worth it by the way! But at the least we have chapter meetings once a week which take about an hour of your day. We also will have events throughout the year like tabling for our philanthropy, Domestic Violence Awareness, sisterhood events, or our social events on the weekends. 


Q: Should I still go through recruitment if I am not sure about joining a sorority at the end?

A: If you are on the fence about it, just go through with recruitment! We always encourage everyone to sign up for recruitment and go through the process. If you hit bid day and realize, "hmm, greek life might not be for me", that is okay! Loyola's Panhellenic process is a mutual selection process. And by that we mean, you choose a panhel chapter and we choose you. We have to want each other, which is PHENOMENAL! 


Q: What do I talk about with the girls in Panhellenic chapters? 

A: Biggest tip is, BE YOURSELF! Remind yourself that you're just going to chat and meet new people! Talk about your interests or hobbies or whatever comes to mind! Something very important, we do not encourage conversation on the topics of partying or boyfriends/girlfriends. We want to hear genuine things about you. PS: Panhel will also remind you of the "Do's and Don'ts" with formal recruitment at that info session I keep speaking of. 


Q: Do I need letters of recommendation?

A: While this is common for bigger schools, we do not require letters of recommendation. So even though you see your friends on Facebook asking for rec. letters, don't fret! Just come on down to Loyola as your cute little selves and sign up for recruitment! 


Q: Is Greek life just like the movies?

A: I'm not sure how other schools are, but at Loyola, we are pretty much nothing like the movies. When I came to Loyola I was extremely drawn to the smaller greek life because the chapters seemed all so close. And cool enough, all of the different chapters were actually friends with one another.


Q: What do I get out of joining a sorority?

A: The older girls in my chapter always told me, "you get out of the chapter what you put into it". That stuck with me and it is so very true. The more effort and time that I have invested into this chapter, the more I feel proud to be an Alpha Chi. It is very important to remember that we as the members of the organization is what makes each organization so great! I can happily say that when I graduate, (I still have two years) I will walk away with some of the best people I have ever met, people that I know have my back, an amazing experience and life-lessons learned. 


Q: How will I know which chapter is right for me? 

A: The group on panhel will tell you this but just know, you will know when you know. It's a vibe that you get from the room of girls you walk into. I felt it on the very last day, preference round, when I walked into the chapter that would hold my future sisters. I walked in, all my nerves faded and I was overwhelmed with excitement and warmth to be able to come talk to these girls again. It sounds SO lame and fake but I promise you, you'll feel it. And sometimes you get stuck between chapters and you feel torn. Go with your gut! DO NOT let anyone, friends, family, roommates, pressure you into a certain organization. Because the choice is for yourself, not for them! Go where it feels like home! 


If you get nervous about recruitment, just know that we get nervous too! Just be yourself, and stay genuine. You'll figure it all out along the way.


VP PR & Marketing

Faith Hiles



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